The TraRon Center
Helping those affected by gun violence heal through the arts.



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  • For the past five years, Sojourners has celebrated Women’s History Month with a roundup of women faith leaders who are bringing us hope and inspiring us to action. This year’s group includes pastors and seed-keepers, authors and theologians, activists and organizers. Collectively, they envision and work toward a wide and bold church community — a community that cares for creation and for those who are suffering, that centers those who the church has historically marginalized, and that holds both political and faith leaders accountable. Pray alongside these leaders and learn their visi…

  • 2020 was a record year for gun homicides in the U.S. Over 19,000 people died from homicides nationwide, a 25 percent increase from the previous year. The District, in particular, has seen an uptick in gun violence, as homicides hit a 15-year peak in 2020. Mayor Bowser declared a state of emergency over the current spike in v…

  • Data from the District’s government and police shows almost 200 people have died from gun violence in the Nation’s Capital in 2020. The last time D.C. experienced a higher murder rate was 16 years ago, according to the Metropolitan Police Department. The District’s violence in 2020 was capped off by a homicide that shook every corner of D.C.

  • A public housing learning pod with in-person therapy supports D.C. students during pandemic.

  • One week into the academic year, the District’s school system is still struggling to meet its projected enrollment numbers and to deliver technology to some of its hardest-to-reach students. But teachers and parents also say that each day, remote learning in the nation’s capital is improving. Technology troubles are becoming less frequent, more students are showing up to virtual classes, and everyone is becoming more adept at using unfamiliar computer platforms.