The TraRon Center
Helping those affected by gun violence heal through the arts.

Programs and Services


Our Mission is to expose gun violence survivors to therapeutic modalities that may be absent from their current grieving and coping methods.  With a focus on the inclusion of creative arts, equip survivors with strategies to healthily endure the complexities of loss- while promoting community health and solidarity.


TraRon Center Consulting seeks to guide community groups/organizations with two sources of support: (1) Provide loved ones of gun violence victims with the mental and emotional outlets to start and continue their paths to healing; (2) Educate, engage, and empower the community through political education and activism.

Our Mission is to provide a model for organizations and community groups to provide victims, survivors, and their respective communities with the structures and supports necessary to healthily endure the complexities of loss.   While promoting community health and solidarity, provide platforms that effectively engage affected individuals in their political arenas such that it fosters and empowers their participation in local and citywide political processes- from policy conception to implementation.


Our Mission is to provide a safe, supportive space for members of the community to acquire the organizing and political knowledge necessary to create, support, and endorse platforms that benefit and serve them directly.  By providing supports that affectively engage them in their political arenas, empower community members to participate in local and citywide political processes from policy conception to implementation.

Scholarship Opportunities

Jeremy Black Scholarship Fund

The Jeremy Black scholarship fund at the TraRon Center honors Jeremy Black whose life was taken prematurely by gun violence in Washington, DC. The scholarship is for high school students in Ward 5,7, and 8 in Washington, DC, who have lost a loved one to gun violence and who plan to continue their post-high school education.

The TraRon Center awards five $4,000 scholarships annually.

Donate to the JB Scholarship Fund

Xan Korman Legacy Gift

In August 2021, Xan Korman was shot and killed in a drive by shooting at the age of 20. Xan was a rising Junior at Butler University and just about to start in his new position as manager of photography and videography for the men’s basketball team. He did not have a chance to live out his dreams, so we are hoping to help others do so.

The words we heard to describe Xan Korman most often were “selfless”, “generous”, and “passionate.” We are trying to pay that forward with our gift to the TraRon Center. Our goal is to provide support to students who have received a scholarship from the organization’s Jeremy Black Scholarship Fund and are continuing in school for their sophomore year.

We know how gun violence can impact lives of those still living. We live it every day. So do the two dear friends of Xan who were with him when he was shot. So do his friends and colleagues who tell us stories about they are using all that they learned from Xan to inspire and motivate them as they move forward with their lives

We hope our gift can also inspire the recipients of this gift to live their best lives.